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I do receive many emails from people asking me for programmers, cards etc. but...... I do not sell anything. This site is just pure hobby. If you want to buy any equipment, visit my sponsors.

Did you ever visit the Tables/Navigation section???

August 3, 2005:
I have just uploaded a tutorial of the Infinity USB Unlimited. Just take a look in the software section.

July 30, 2005:
Currently I am testing a wireless card-splitter, the so called SmartWi Residential Card Splitter.
Also just uploaded is a description of a new card that was added, the Multi Channel Television card. And the tests of the Infinity USB Unlimited are finished. At last. I am now preparing the article.

Mai 11, 2005:
I am currently working on a whole new section: a TV guide for all adult channels. I could need a bit of help though. If anybody knows of any online or downloadable Adult-TV schedule that I have not yet listed, please let me know.
You can find the schedule here: Adult Satellite TV Schedule.

March 8, 2005:
I have just received 2 new products for testing:
- the all new Infinity Unlimited USB programmer. More info in the Programmer section.
- the 'Adult viewing card' 4 Plus. More info in thee Smartcard section.

Februari 10, 2005:
I have just received a new version of CardPro for the serial MultiPro (CardPro v2.0.2_Fun7_Dragon.zip). With this version you should be able to reliably program the Fun7 as a Dragon Loader. You can find it in the download archive.

November 10, 2004:
I have just received a Delta Adult viewing card for reviewing. More info in the Smartcard section.

October 5, 2004:
I have just uploaded a new version of CardPro (v2.0.1.0) for the serial version of the MultiPro. I have not been able to test it myself yet, but it is said to have improved Fun-7 support as well as faster reading/writing of cards.

September 13, 2004:
I am currently working on the BlackProg review, based on software version 1.06. The hardware page is rewritten allready and online. The software pages will follow a.s.a.p.

September 12, 2004:
I am currently testing a new CAM Programmer, the Multi Loader Card or MLC for short.

September 4, 2004:
You may have noticed that I have changed providers for the website. During the change-over I did not make any changes to the site, but now I have to get up-to-date again with all kind of new products, as well as bringing you the missing test reviews.

July 26, 2004:
I have just received a sensational new programmer. It will program the special Fun USB Card (a USB version Funcard 6) in just 12 seconds.

July 6, 2004:
I am getting bored with the current startup page (www.duwgati.com). Is there any gifted designer who would like to create a new splash page for me? Please no flash designs. A small flash animation somewhere on the page is no problem, but I want the main part to be simply a good looking html background.

July 5, 2004:
Maybe you have noticed, but I am (temprarily???) on a new server. The site works completely except for the guestbook. Should you run into any page not working properly, please let me know.

June 15, 2004:
I have redone the page "Programmers" in the chapter Tables/Navigation. Because of the huge number of programmers and cards in the matrix, the page has become very large though (approx. 250Kb). So if you have a slow modem connection, loading of this page can take a while.

June 9, 2004:
It's getting busier by the day here. I have just finished the programmer review of the BlackPro USB Programmer and I am still working on the software pages.
In the mean time I have also received the new Duolabs Dynamite USB Programmer for testing, as well as the new CAS Interface 2 Add-On.
For a quick view of the possibilities and performance of the Dynamite programmer, you can have a look in the chapter Tables/Navigation. The review will follow soon.

May 10, 2004:
I have just received a new programmer: the BlackProg USB. You can soon expect a complete review here.

May 10, 2004:
The introduction to CAM systems has been rewritten completely. It seems that many people did/do not understand how a CAS system works. I hope I have cleared that a little now.

May 7, 2004:
I have just received a CAS Interface 2. I am testing it now. You can read the review shortly.

April 7, 2004:
I have added a new tutorial about the Titanium Card Loader software.
The Titaniumcard has now been added to all hardware tables and software tables (see chapter tables).

April 1, 2004:
I have revised the page about the AD-Teknik Phoenix/Smartmouse USB interface. It now supports the Titanium card and the Dragon Cam Loader card.

March 13, 2004:
I have added a page about the Titaniumcard. It also contains some info about correct COM port settings for successfull programming.

March 12, 2004:
I have added some pages about the use of Titanium Cardprog to the software section.

March 10, 2004:
I have updated the tutorial on TJs Multiprog software. The tutorial now covers version 1.51 and it also includes the Titanium Updater 2.0 software.

January 3, 2004:
First of all I want to wish you all a very happy new year.
The test of the AD-Teknik Phoenix/Smartmouse interface is ready and the review is now online.

December 31, 2003:
The Infinity USB Phoenix has a new competitor: the AD-Teknik MP3.5 USB. The test is finished and the review is published. It is absolutely worth while reading, so have a look in the programmer section.

December 27, 2003:
I am now testing 2 new programmers from AD-Teknik: the Multiprogrammer 3.5 USB (the successor of the famous Elvis programmer) and the Phoenix/Smartmouse Interface USB.
Soon you can read more about them on the appropriate pages in the Programmer Review section.

November 3, 2003:
I finally finished the review of the WBE Smartmouse USB.
Read about it in the chapter Programmer Reviews, section Single Purpose Programmers/Interfaces.

November 1, 2003:
I am celebrating a small party, because today a new milestone was reached.
Since July 10th 2001, the site has had over 2,000,000 unique visits.

October 31, 2003:
This week I received the Duolabs CAS Interface for testing.
In the chapter Programmer Reviews, section Interfaces/Terminals etc. you will find more info.

October 9, 2003:
I have just finished and uploaded the review of the Maxking USB Phoenix/Smartmouse programmer.
Currently I am testing its competitor, the Smartmouse USB from WBE (the Infinity manufacturer).

October 4, 2003:
I have inserted an extra icon in the topframe, containing a direct link to the lexicon page again. It seems many people missed that.

October 3, 2003:
After a period of exclusive attention to website development, the time has come to complete the unfinished projects. The first one is the review of the MaxKing SLA-XL (Starlight) programmer. I finished testing it yesterday, and uploaded the results today.

October 2, 2003:
I have just uploaded the first pages of the German translation. But we can use some help here. So if your german is good, and you do have some time to spare, then please contact me.

September 29, 2003:
Several new options have been added to the site. I now use cookies to store your preferences regarding the use of this site. Some of those preferences are:
- configure your preferences per language version
- configure your prefered window layout
- configure your prefered startup page

And it is now also possible to print pages. Where needed, the screenshots will automatically be resized to fit an A4 paper width.

September 19, 2003:
Well, it's done. Finally. The dutch and english language versions are now completely rewritten in php/mysql. According to all the testers, everything should now work fine. But if you should find anything not working properly, then please send me an email.

PS: the navigation buttons don't show full width in Mozilla/Netscape, but in I.E. they do

September 11, 2003:
I am currently testing 2 new programmers that just came in this week: the Maxking SLA-XL and the Maxking USB Phoenix/Smartmouse programmers.

August 27, 2003:
Today I did receive the all new Funprogrammer USB. I am testing it now, so you can read more about it very soon.

August 26, 2003:
I have just finished the review of the CardMaster USB. It has taken a while because of the software development involved, but now it is ready.

August 4, 2003:
Last weeks I received a new programmer. The MasterUSB Plus. I am testing it now and the review will be ready this week I hope. But if you can't wait to see how it looks, just visit the review page for a photograph.

July 21, 2003:
Over the past weeks, I have rebuilt large parts of the site. Lots of sections are now PHP driven which should make maintenance a lot easier. But the changes have affected lots of pages on the site, so I hope I haven't introduced any errors. However, should you find any problems, please email me.

last weekend I have seen a new Infinity copy. To the naked eye, it realy is an exact copy of the original Infinity. You can only distinguish it from the original by looking at the carton in which it is packed. The original product contains a copyright notice, printed on it, the copy does not. I don't know if the hardware/firmware is 100% identical, so it is impossible to say if this copy will be working with future software updates from Infinity. You can rest assured that Infinity will try to work out a solution to disable these programmers from working with their software, just like they did with the Digitech.
You have been warned!!!

July 17, 2003:
I have introduced a review date stamp for all programmer reviews.
Because programmers tend to improve all the time, I regularly find new favourites. In order to be able to distinguish between actual and historical claims, I have now introduced this date stamp.

The test of the Infinity USB Phoenix has been completed and the hardware and software reviews are posted.
The test of the Millenium Micro's and the CardMaster USB looks promising from a hardware point of view. But because new software is to be released shortly, I will wait a bit longer to present a test based on the latest software. I am involved in beta testing the new CardMaster software and I must say that it looks promising, but there are still a few minor problems to be solved.

July 15, 2003:
I just received the brandnew Infinity USB Phoenix programmer. You can have a look at the pictures onthe appropriate page already. You will find it in the Universal Programmer section.

July 1, 2003:
After almost 5 weeks of silence, I am happy to announce some new products. At the moment I am testing the Millenium Micro in versions 106 and 206, as well as the brand new CardMaster USB programmer.